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Daiagnostic services New Plymouth
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Auto Electricians New Plymouth Taranaki
Auto Electricians New Plymouth Taranaki Region
Daiagnostic services New Plymouth Taranaki Region
Auto City Auto Electrical New Plymouth

Auto Electricians New Plymouth.

Max Pennington’s Auto City is a company that’s seen the test of time in vehicle sales, service and customer care. From days of old under the steady hand of Max Pennington himself, in 2019 the dealership now handles a huge range of vehicle franchises and is one of the best in Taranaki.

The reasons behind this success come from more humble origins. Max Pennington started with his own business in 1986, mainly because he just loved cars and wanted to share that love with the motor-mad people of Taranaki.

Over the next few years some insightful and intensive development of product line and service capabilities allowed further expansion to culminate in Max Pennington’s Auto City.

Family-owned and operated means the team keeps a pretty close eye on company values and customer feedback in such a competitive industry. The good news is that long term, consistent focus to achieve an ever-improving core ethos has paid off.

This year, Max Pennington’s Auto City is rapt to announce a new venture in the takeover of an equally-respected local auto company, Merv Lucas Auto Electrical.

It’s a match made in heaven with a new name to boot: Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical.

The exemplary knowledge and service currently on offer from the auto electricians New Plymouth Merv Lucas premises is set to continue on an even steeper trajectory up, for cars, boats, 4×4’s, 4WD’s, vans, light commercials, limo’s, buses, motorhomes, wheelchair hoists, diggers, trailers, jet skis, mobility scooters and motorbikes, even public duty vehicles like ambulances and fire engines.
• Diagnostics
• Air conditioning
• Lights
• Batteries
• Alternators and starter motors
• Car alarms and immobilisers
• Car audio and Bluetooth
• Rewiring.


81 Molesworth St,
New Plymouth.

Phone: 06 758 5277


Auto Electricians New Plymouth Diagnostics Services.

Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical. Taranaki
About twenty years ago, diagnosing the problem with your vehicle used to be easy. Flipping the bonnet for a peek at your engine, a quick tootoo with a few knobs, wires and levers and Bob’s your uncle.

The majority of vehicles built after this time are computer operated. That means limited engine access and a whole new ball game for repairs and maintenance.
When your vehicle breaks down or shows warning light signs, feel free to ask the mechanic in your household to have a look. But if your engine is a late model or you need action fast, call our expert team at Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical to do the job for you.

Our Auto Electricians New Plymouth diagnostics equipment is state of the art. It provides us with a mapped view of the interior workings of your engine, minutely tracking and photographing each connection and its codependent counterpart.
We then decide (in consultation with you) whether to repair, replace, reconnect or rewire, and each task is performed with the prowess of a perfectionist operator.

Diagnostic testing is useful to determine:
• Cause of check engine warning light
• Light settings
• Wiper change
• Exhaust, fuel and oil tank leaks
• Battery condition
• Start and charge
• Power steering failure
• Sparkplug deterioration
• Transmission issues.

Alternators and Starter Motors, New Plymouth Taranaki.

Our auto electrician New Plymouth  techo team, at Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical understand that all the components which operate your vehicle are reliant on another.

The parts that make it work are electrical and so your vehicle is a complicated maze of wiring systems, connectors and terminals. All are responsible in some way for starting up the various mechanisms your vehicle requires to be in transit.

When one part, such as the alternator is undersized or deficient, instead of recharging the battery as it would normally, it will actually drain it in a last-ditch attempt to power your engine.
The result? Frustrating problems such as recurring starter issues or when your engine ‘misses’ or chugs, your lights flicker or dim.

These are good indications that your electrical system isn’t keeping up.

Call in to see the talented team of auto electricians New Plymouth, who are like auto doctors who determine the cause and effect of any breakdown in the cyclic nature of how your vehicle operates and we guarantee to find a practical solution for all your auto electrical requirements.

Rebuilding or replacing your alternators will give you:
• More juice in running all your electrical components, including your stereo system
• Longevity in your battery
• Reassurance that all power loads in the vehicle have sufficient energy to function
• Additional electric power for the vehicle’s electrical systems.

Rewiring Services, Auto Electricians New Plymouth Taranaki. 

Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical. Taranaki
The wiring in any vehicle is literally paramount to its mobility!
When you think about how complex auto wiring systems are, crisscrossing and connecting every vital component with another, you understand how electrical failure is a problem best dealt with by our technical team of auto electricians New Plymouth, Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical.

Some subtle signs that your wiring may be deteriorating are things like flickering or dimming lights, difficult starts in the morning or ‘check your engine’ dash warnings. If you notice anything unusual, please make an appointment or call in to see us.

From diagnosis to repair, replace or service, we are trained to identify and provide solutions to get your vehicle on the road and running smoothly.
• All electrical signals
• Starting the engine
• Power windows
• Headlights
• Cabin lights
• Audio
• Sensors (e.g., for tyre pressure)
• Malfunction of any electronic component
• GPS navigation system
• Meters
• Lights.


81 Molesworth St,
New Plymouth.

Phone: 06 758 5277


Vehicle Daiagnostics New Plymouth. Auto City Auto Electrical
Daiagnostic services New Plymouth
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Auto electrician New Plymouth Taranaki
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Auto City Auto Electrical New Plymouth
Auto electricians New Plymouth
Auto electricians New Plymouth Taranaki
Auto City Auto Electrical New Plymouth

Auto Electrical Services New Plymouth.

If your onboard diagnostic system ‘check engine light’ is activated, do as it recommends and pay a visit to our premises.
As modern car computers often attempt to compensate for isolated engine failure, you may not notice any detectable change in performance.

However, choosing to ignore your notification will only exacerbate the problem, causing increased fuel mileage and potentially expensive damage, so act quickly.

We’ll do the same. We’ll even give you a cup of tea and a sit down while we have a chat about your problem then set to work on diagnosing and fixing almost any auto electrical issue.

The team of Auto Electricians New Plymouth at Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical, offer you fast service to find the root of the problem, a speedy turn around repair time and a courtesy vehicle if you need one.
• Central locking
• Starting problems
• ABS and airbags
• Alarms and immobilisers
• Sound systems and wiring
• Starter motors, ignitions, alternators, batteries
• Automotive lights
• GPS tracking systems
• Electric window issues
• Power drains.


81 Molesworth St,
New Plymouth.

Phone: 06 758 5277


Yuasa Batteries New Plymouth Taranaki
Batteries New Plymouth Auto City Auto Electrical
Auto City Auto Electrical New Plymouth

Batteries Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical New Plymouth. 

Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical. Taranaki
Think of your battery as the caffeine fix many of us need and enjoy at the start of each day. Coffee cranks us up (we could use the same terminology about starting a car) and gets us motivated to act.

But what happens when that spur just doesn’t happen? You’re in your vehicle turning the key or pressing the ignition starter and for once, the silence is absolutely NOT golden. Your battery is flat.

The battery works together with the alternator and starter motor. It’s commonly blamed for all sorts of starting issues – sometimes unfairly – but at the end of the day (and especially the beginning) it’s panic stations ahead as you figure out how the heck you’re going to get to your destination.

Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical and Yuasa Batteries are the solutions. Globally recognised as a market leader for automotive, motorcycle, heavy commercial, marine, deep cycle or industrial engines, Yuasa Batteries are renown for being incredibly durable, versatile and reliable.

Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical favour Yuasa as our trusted brand of choice:
• Advanced technology for next-gen vehicles
• Corrosion-resistant
• Strong and dependable
• Durable under harsh conditions
• Long-lasting
• Vibration resistant
• 24-month nationwide warranty.

Auto Electricians New Plymouth Taranaki
Auto City Auto Electrical New Plymouth

Vehicle Air Conditioning Services New Plymouth, Taranaki.

Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical. Taranaki
Aaah, roll on summer! Everyone loves the warmth and casual freedom of summer and what nicer way to experience it than with a trip to the family bach or picnic in the park?

But before you jump in the car and hit the beach, have a think about your vehicle’s air conditioning unit. When was the last time you had it serviced? Is it still working OK? Some of us use our air con unit to give warm air in winter, too, so it’s probably experiencing some over-use syndromes that may give you grief later down the track.

There are often warning signs that your air con is needing a little bit of TLC. Funny smells, leaks inside your vehicle (external water pooling when stationary is fine – shows it’s working), unusual noises, hot air when there should be cool … all symptoms of wear and tear that the team of Auto Electricians New Plymouth at Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical can fix for you in good time aat Mnd at a cost-effective price.

A clean and well-maintained air conditioning unit ensures:
• A pleasant, relaxing driving environment
• Clean air by removing pollen, mould and dust
• Zero air humidity
• Fuel efficiency.

Motorhome services New Plymouth Taranaki
Vehicle Daiagnostics Taranaki Region

Motorhome Services New Plymouth.

The excitement of planning a holiday or working experience trip is undoubtedly of the most intense feelings you can imagine.
Getting away for a while is the best remedy for all sorts of pressures and stresses and when you can do it economically and comfortably by driving your motorhome then the decision to take off gets a whole lot easier.

Whether embarking on an extensive journey or just taking a long weekend break, it’s simple to feel at home if all your needs are on board. Home comforts and facilities are at hand and travelling in a motorhome gives the flexibility of camping wherever you like.
Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical are all for some getaway time. But our Auto Electricians New Plymouth ensures your motorhome or fifth wheel is road and accommodation-worthy is an important first step before departure.

We’ll make your vehicle comfortable and ensure it will get you to your destination.
Call us for:
• Engine wiring
• GPS navigation
• Refrigeration
• Heating
• Lighting
• Solar panels
• Reversing cameras
• Audio systems
• Security systems.

Audio video equipment Taranaki
Car Stereo Systems Taranaki
Car Alarms and Immobilisers New Plymouth
Auto City Auto Electrical New Plymouth

Auto Sound and Security Services New Plymouth.

Car Audio

The increasingly popular phase of listening to podcasts of any type is a great way to pass the time while you’re driving.

Downloaded onto your phone or mobile APP (with help from Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical), you can choose from an unlimited variety of topics and authors and learn, laugh or cry while getting from A to B.

For great music, however, things need to get a bit hotted up! Out team are aficionados when it comes to good sounds and we have the gear to get you singing (but not air-guitaring sorry – you need both hands on the wheel).

Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical can give you a free consultation, maybe even a demo, on the kinds of multimedia products and enhancements on offer.

Customising an audio system that works for your ears as well as your pocket is a fun part of our job and we are happy to help make your drive time that much more special.
• Head units
• AM/ FM radio
• Bluetooth handsfree
• Bluetooth audio streaming from your phone
• Subwoofer output
• Speakers and amps
• Apple CarPlay and Siri
• 12V soundbars for vehicles, caravans, motorhomes.

Car Alarms and Immobilisers

Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical. Taranaki
Being a victim of theft is a horrible sensation.

The extreme fall out both financial and emotional from a home burglary is an experience no one wants to undergo and installing reliable locks, alarm systems and CCTV are just a few of the deterrents you might consider.

But what about security for your private, commercial, leisure or industrial vehicle fleet? Business owners generally take their livelihood assets very seriously, however, van and truck drivers are in and out of their vehicles so often that sometimes there’s no time to activate locking systems.

And for your family wagon or run-around-town car – those vital means of transport and homes away from home – we’re occasionally just a little too casual.

Max Pennington’s Auto City Auto Electrical can circumnavigate the stress and inconvenience caused by a vehicle break-in or theft by preventing it from happening in the first place.

We stock and install an excellent (and clever) range of alarm and immobiliser systems that will give you peace of mind and genuine failproof security.
Call us for
• Engine immobilisers
• Alarm sirens
• Remote door locking operation
• Keyless entry
• Ultrasonic sensors
• Dual-zone microwave sensors (for soft tops)
• FM pagers
• PIR sensors to detect back of truck movement
• Full car alarm systems.


81 Molesworth St,
New Plymouth.

Phone: 06 758 5277



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